A Solid Season Start at Daytona

The RS1 team, including owner Justin Bellinzoni, chief engineer Louis Malone, and our strategist, coach, spotter, and Jedi Master, Nick Longhi, helped Connor and I deliver a solid P4 finish (4th out of 24 cars in class) in our #18 ModSpace RS1 Porsche. After qualifying on pole, Connor drove an amazing first stint of our four hour endurance race, and delivered the car to me in the top position in our class. Through no fault of our team or drivers, a simple technical issue with our fuel hose delayed our pit stop, and combined with a drive-through penalty, we found ourselves in last place. No pressure…it’s only my first race of the season, my co-driver, Connor Bloum, expects me to return the car to him on the lead lap, and principals of ModSpace, our team sponsor, are watching the race stream on live TV! I focused ahead and tried to tune out everything except the voice of Nick Longhi, guiding me through traffic and past several competitors. An hour later, I was in the pits, jumped out of the car, belted Connor in, and stumbled into the pit box seat, mentally and physically drained but relieved. Louis gave me a pat on the back and some congratulatory words for returning the car to Connor unscathed and on the lead lap. Now with Connor – one of the fastest professional sportscar drivers in the world – behind the wheel, we watched the #18 ModSpace RS1 edge through traffic towards the front. With points awarded for our 4th place finish, we’re off to a solid start towards a season championship. I cannot thank ModSpace, RS1, Justin, Louis, Nick, and Connor enough for the experience and amazing first race of the season.

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